Ceremonial Gatherings 


Join us in taking a leap into a new level of understanding who you are.   Learn from the worlds of Grandmother Earth - the minerals, the plants, the animals and the humans, (our greatest teachers). 


Ceremonies are available as part of the Gateway Program or as Personal ceremonies, tailor-made for a specific situation.  They can be done locally or as part of our annual ceremonial time where we gather for several days as a community. 

Rites of Passage Ceremonies (RoP)

These are designed to help us though life’s changes such as conceiving a baby, going through puberty, starting a career, completing a training, becoming an adult, becoming an elder … and many more.   

Sometimes we are excited and feel ready … sometimes we have fear and confusion.  RoP ceremonies are specifically created to help us celebrate what we have achieved so far and prepare for the next stage of our evolution.


Ceremonies are done in groups or individually according to the `passage’ being honored.  

Personal ceremonies can also be designed for a particular situation.