Make 2020 the year you begin the journey of a lifetime...

Join our First Gateway Program of Shamanic teachings and ceremonies, for profound healing and transformation.

The First Gateway begins the inner journey to heal yourself and find the warrior within.

  • Challenge everything you know about yourself as a human being

  • Make a commitment to reach your highest potential  

  • Create deep connections with Spirit, Grandmother Earth and other humans. 

Gateway groups are safe and intimate spaces to look at ourselves with honesty, acceptance and challenge.


Subjects in the Program include: 

  • Finding balance in your emotions, physical body, mind, spirit and sexuality

  • Learning from the mineral, animal, human and Spirit worlds

  • Chakras, auras, shields and other aspects of our amazing luminosity

  • Healing dysfunctional patterns of behavior and stepping into the Way of the Warrior

  • Understanding Sweet Medicine Cosmology and the 20 Sacred Powers of the Universe

  • Working with your animal allies 

  • Freeing yourself from fears that limit your power and beauty in a 24-hour vision quest

  • Dedicating yourself to reach your highest potential in this lifetime.

  • Using alchemy and magick in ceremony and everyday life

  • Understanding death, change and reincarnation.

Learning methods

Time is spent in nature to learn from our Greatest teachers - Grandmother Earth and her worlds.

Ceremonies are integrated into each session including four Purification Lodges.  

Each participant receives a copy of the Green Manual – Shamanic Wheels and Keys by Harley Swift Deer Reagan, a binder and handouts for each session. 

Students create tools for ceremony and meditation 

Dates of meetings


The Program will start in August 2020.  For more information come to our event on 11 July (see Coming Events Page) or call Colette on 720 243 1730.

Joining the Program is a commitment to the ten sessions. Each session runs from 6-9.30pm on Friday evenings and 9.45am – approx 9pm Saturday. 



The cost of the year long program is $1750.00

with a $250 non-refundable deposit.

Celebrating the Third  First Gateway Group

Former students have become the heart of our Medicine community.

Giving back by working on the land at ceremonial week in 2018

The Program is taught by Colette Pfeiffer, a registered psychotherapist and trained adult educator. 


This is the third time we have held a First Gateway Program at Hawk’s Cry Lodge.  Many of the pictures on this website show First and Second Gateway events. 

Additional Gateway Requirements

The First Gateway requires training in martial arts, personal ceremonies and meditations which students undertake in their own time.

We are based in the Foothills above Boulder surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. 


Hawk's Cry is affiliated to  the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society 

This website is a great tool for finding out what is happening, signing up for events, paying for events but if you would like to talk to a human, please contact

Colette  720 243 1730 or