July 11th 2020 Medicine signs and Magik

Human-friendly and Covid hostile day of teachings in July

It was unanimous – nature and familiar faces beats zoom any day.  Meeting in person after so many weeks without Purification Lodges or teaching events was great!

Fifteen of us gathered on the land at Hawk’s Cry Lodge for teachings on how to turn every day events into ceremonies.  This was followed by Jeff Hohensee from the Rattlesnake Mystery Lodge sharing his experiences of how to hear Spirit by paying attention to `Medicine Signs’.

The day ended with ceremony: moving around a mesa (altar) holding the Powers of the Four Directions.  Participants were invited to hear their inner wisdom and guidance from Grandmother Earth by connecting to the elements, minerals, plants, animals and humans.

Everyone took care to socially distance and negotiate mask wearing – thanks to all of you for taking responsibility for our shared well-being.  Clean up was smooth and easy, organized by Terry Odendhal, with everyone pitching in. 

Thank you everyone for a great day!

Jeff Hohensee teaching on Medicine Signs
Participants sat around a large mesa / altar.
Participants enjoying the sun and space