Mesa Making Afternoon - consciously intend your heart's desire for 2019

Whether we know it or not - what we are intending is what we create - so let's do it consciously by creating an altar of power for 2019. Using ceremony, sharing and crafting - an afternoon that will stay with you the whole year!
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Mesa Making Afternoon - consciously intend your heart's desire for 2019

Time & Location

Jan 06, 2019, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
A private home in Littleton

About The Event

We meet at 12pm and will finish around 7ish.

Please note we will be meeting at a private home in Littleton, south of Denver at midday on sunday 6th. Address will follow in another email.

You are asked to bring a Medicine Gift as energy exchange for Colette (the Dance Chief) for the teachings and ceremonies including the blessing and awakening of your mesa.

There will not be food provided or utensils (the house is not occupied yet) so please bring everything you need. Tea and cups will be provided. Also bring clothing to be outside for an hour.

Looking for items for your mesa is part of the dreaming and the fun! So start now ....

Your mesa will represent 5 arenas of your life which you want to intend for in the next year:

· South - your heart (relationships, family, community), emotions, fluidity, healed child - playful and innocent

· West - Finances, job, career, home, physical health, stability, warrior - healer and magician

· North – knowledge, study, learning, use of your mind, flexibility, balanced mature adult who takes care of business

· East – spiritual growth, creativity, Path with heart, stepping into the unknown, adventure

· Centre – sexuality, catalyzing, communication, wisdom, male and female balance.

You will need to bring:

1.Base of your mesa - flat surface at least 15 inches diameter (trays, wooden bases or cake bases work well – but you will not be able to use it for the year!) – your mesa will be circular but you can use a square or rectangle shaped base. Strong enough to carry your mesa around at least till you get it home.

Acacia serving trays from Target are nice - $20. There will also be some hard board bases available to buy on the day for a cost of $5 - please let me know if you would like one so we can bring enough.

2. An altar cloth- napkins, cushion covers, can be leather or cloth but big enough to cover the base of the mesa.

3.V small coloured stones to represent the 8 directions on the Medicine wheel – red, turquoise, black, dark blue/brown, white, green, yellow, orange. Semi precious gems are great for this - also stones that you find. These directions can also be painted on.

4.V small bowls to put water, earth, corn paho (paho available at the event), a candle.

5.Items which represent your dreams and desires. Look around your house, the Christmassy shops and in nature for items - bring things that attract you even if you don't know what they represent yet ....

Old magazines to cut up, pictures, cards.

Crafty things: acrylic paints and brushes, glue, scissors, ribbons, beads, etc – use your imagination.

Please come prepared to share your crafty stuff!

If you have any questions please feel free to email Colette or call 720 243 1730.