Colette Pfeiffer, Lodge Leader


Born in Africa, raised in the UK and now living in Boulder, Colette is a gatherer of knowledge which she travels with and shares. 

She is a qualified teacher and ceremonialist in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Tradition, a registered psychotherapist, trained high school teacher and change facilitator. 

Her passions are drumming and singing, ceremony and watching people light up with an insight. Colette uses personal stories, humor and live examples to engage students and create a safe and honest environment to learn in.

Our Lodge Leaders

Matthias Pfeiffer, Lodge assistant


A German native and an engineer, Matthias is a practical genius who can build or fix anything. This includes making beautiful Medicine items such as shields, bundles and totems.

As a student of the Second Gateway, he applies his understanding of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teachings to his work as much as his life at home. 

He is a careful and kind teacher to newcomers to the fire crew at the Purification Lodge, and has a deep understanding an respect for the alchemy and beauty of the ceremony.