Monthly Purification Lodges

*Due to the Coronavirus we are unable to hold ceremonies at this time.

A Lodge symbolizes the womb of Grandmother Earth and

enables us to rebirth ourselves.  It is built  and prepared for each

ceremony in an alchemical way  to bring power and beauty.  

The circular structure is made of willows and covered in blankets. 

During the ceremony, rocks are heated in a special kiln and brought

inside the Lodge.  Water is poured on the rocks, releasing steam. 

What happens during the ceremony?

At the beginning of the ceremony, the energies and powers of the Universe are called in to guide us. We pray for ourselves and what we desire in lives.  We pray for others – including those who challenge us!  We `giveaway’ anything physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual that is not helping us in our lives.  Finally, we thank the Powers for their presence and the gifts they have brought us.  We leave the Lodge having been physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually cleansed.


What do newcomers need to know?

We meet at 6pm when new comers are given an introductory talk on the ceremony.   Then we will have time to prepare for the ceremony, get changed etc.  The ceremony takes about 1.5 hours.  It is possible to leave the Lodge during the ceremony if necessary.

After the ceremony we have some homemade soup together and have time to socialize.

Please sign up or give us a call. It is important that we are in contact with you before you come. 

Please do not consume alcohol or substances for 72 hours before the ceremony. 

Information on where we are and what to bring will be sent to you when you contact us. We like to keep our Purification

Lodge and our home private so please do not share this information with anyone.

What to bring:

  • Something loose to wear inside the lodge like a sarong

  • A coat to walk to the Lodge if it is cold.  

  • Two towels – one for inside the Lodge and one when you come out.

  • A non-breakable water container.

  • A snack if you think you will need it before hand.

  • A flashlight for after the ceremony.

  • Medicine gifts and a donation to hard costs of the Lodge (see below)

Donations and medicine gifts

We do not charge for ceremony but we do request you bring a small donation for the maintenance of the Lodge and equipment.  

We also ask that you bring Medicine Gifts for the Dance Chief (person leading the ceremony) and the Fire Crew (three people who will set up the Lodge area, carry the rocks and take care of the outside of the Lodge).  

Experience the magick of the ceremony on our Fire Crew 

This is a beautiful way to experience the ceremony and great if you want to find out more but are not ready to go inside the lodge.


Full training is given on how to set up the space, prepare the rocks and take care of the outside area.  Please try and volunteer for fire crew every 3 to 4 lodges you attend, to share the load. 

Volunteers need to arrive at 5pm. 



We have limited space for cars and do not want to disturb our neigbors or the environment more than absolutely necessary.   We will let you know where to meet the other participants so you can ride up with other people.   There is only one way down to Boulder so you will easily get a ride back to the meeting place if you leave your car. The road is ONLY suitable for 4/AWD vehicles if there is snow.