Year-long Programs

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path provides teachings, ceremonies and initiations which are designed to take us through a progression of `Gateways’.


Hawk’s Cry Lodge currently offers First and Second Gateway Programs


These Programs Include:

  • Embarking on the `Great Work’, the inner journey to heal yourself and find the `Warrior Within.’

  • Individual and group ceremonies to engage with the worlds of Grandmother Earth as our greatest teachers.

  • Exploring who we are as spirit beings in physical and energy bodies. 

  • Studying the SMSD Cosmology and the Powers of the Universe.

  • Healing techniques and disciplines which bring spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health.

  • Unlocking and changing patterns and habits that loose energy and keep us out balance. 

  • Preparation for day long, overnight and two-day ceremonies specific for each `Gateway.’

  • Being part of a supportive learning community. 





         Study Groups 

These are evening meetings on specific subjects - no previous knowledge

is needed.    Price $35 per meeting.   Contact us for dates.


Becoming the Magician in your life

Using a Mesa (an altar of power) to manifest your projects, goals and dreams.

Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel

Are you out of balance in your emotions, exhausted in your body or busy-busy in your mind?  This wheel describes how to live your life with ease and gain energy.

The Star Maiden Circle

One of the most powerful tools on this Path, this ancient wheel is used to transform painful and unproductive  patterns into productive and healthy ways of being.   

Drumming and Chanting

When we sing and drum it opens our hearts and brings us together.  All are  welcome - experienced musicians, newbies and everyone else!   


Check our calendar or contact us for dates.